Outline: (Online Course) Epidemiology of PTSD in Military Personnel and Veterans

Outline:Epidemiology of PTSD in Military Personnel and Veterans

  1. Introduction
  2. Prevalence of trauma and the development of PTSD
    • The lifetime prevalence of trauma
    • Definition of trauma
    • Common reactions to trauma
    • DSM-IV-TR criteria for PTSD
    • Acute Stress Disorder and PTSD
    • Factors that contribute to persistent PTSD
    • Risk factors for Service members serving in OIF/OEF
  3. Trauma exposure and emotional reactions during OIF/OEF deployments
    • Challenges of OIF/OEF
    • Combat stressors
    • Combat exposure in Iraq
    • Relationship between OIF combat experience and PTSD
    • Other research findings from OIF/OEF
    • PTSD and Military Sexual Trauma (MST)
    • Other types of combat-related experiences
  4. Assessing PTSD and common co-morbidities
    • Common co-morbid problems

      • Depression
      • Suicidal thoughts
      • Anger or aggressive behavior
      • Substance misuse/abuse
    • PTSD and health problems
    • PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
    • PTSD and relationship problems
    • Effects on work functioning
  5. Treatment of PTSD
    • Medication
    • Exposure therapy
    • Stress inoculation therapy
    • Cognitive therapy
    • Other types of treatment
    • Length of treatment
    • Barriers to treatment