Outline: (Online Course) Prolonged Exposure (PE) Therapy for PTSD in Veterans and Military Personnel

OutlinePE Therapy for PTSD in Military Personnel and Veterans

  1. Introduction to PE
  2. Theoretical background
    • Trauma and PTSD
    • Behavioral Model for the development and treatment of PTSD
      1. Classical (Pavlovian/Respondent) Conditioning
      2. Operant Conditioning
    • Exposure Therapy
    • Emotional Processing: A cognitive behavioral model of PTSD
    • Characteristics of trauma-related memory structure
    • Recovery Process
    • Avoidance leads to chronic PTSD
    • Erroneous cognitions related to PTSD
  3. Empirical Support
  4. Overview of techniques and procedures
    • Who is PE therapy appropriate for?
    • A good foundation for PE
      1. Therapeutic alliance
      2. Therapist skills
      3. Treatment rationale
      4. Confidence in techniques
    • Treatment procedures
      1. Education about common reactions to trauma
      2. Breathing retraining
      3. Imaginal exposure
      4. In-vivo exposure
    • Session outlines
  5. Next steps for more in-depth training