Outline: (Online Course) Provider Resiliency and Self-Care: An Ethical Issue

Course OutlineProvider Resiliency and Self-Care: An Ethical Issue

1.  Provider resilience and health

  • What is provider resilience?
  • Why is resilience critical for mental health providers?
  • Types of adversity mental health providers face
  • What happens in the absence of resilience?
  1. Provider burnout
  2. Secondary Traumatic Stress (CF) and Compassion Fatigue
  • Compassion Satisfaction and provider resilience

2.   Ethics of Provider Self-Care

  • Scope of practice and competence
  • Poor risk management
  • Boundary violations
  • Lapses in judgment

3.   Assessing provider resilience  

  • Secondary Traumatic Stress Scale (STSS)
  • Professional Quality of Life Scale (ProQol)
  • Compassion Fatigue- Short Scale (CF-SS)
  • Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI-R)

4.    Strategies to promote provider resilience

  • Organizational strategies
  • Practice/Professional strategies
  • Personal strategies

5.    Application/interactive exercise

  • Self-care planning exercise

6.    Summary

7.    Resources and references