SBHP Training Tiers

What Are The Training Tiers?

Star Behavioral Health Providers features three tiers of training with each tier building upon the previous one. The content for most of Tier One and all of Tier Two and Tier Three is developed exclusively by the Center for Deployment Psychology.
Providers who complete any one of these tiers are then able to join the SBHP registry. The breakdown and course content of the tiers, including an optional online course, are as follows:

    Tier One (1-day course comprised of the following modules):

    Tier Two (2-day course comprised of the following modules):

    Tier Three (one of the following 2-day courses):

    Other evidence-based treatments are slated to be included in future iterations. Please check www.starproviders.org for information regarding upcoming training opportunities.

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    SBHP Training Tiers | Center for Deployment Psychology


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