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Video Player IconNarrative Description of a Suicidal Crisis
This video demonstrates a therapist eliciting a client’s narrative description of the timeline and events leading up to a suicide attempt. The focus is on using a natural manner to systematically gather necessary information for understanding the suicidal crisis. The therapist is attempting to gather information to fill in the gaps to develop a linear…Read More
Video Player IconMeans Restriction (Safety) Counseling
This video continues the session depicted in the Narrative Timeline video. In this scene the therapist educates the patient about the importance of limiting access to lethal means for suicidal patients. He then works with the patient to brainstorm ways of securing his personal weapons. The scene includes a section where the patient’s friend is brought in to…Read More
Video Player IconRelapse Prevention Exercise
This video depicts the late phase of treatment where the therapist is conducting a relapse prevention exercise with a patient. The therapist explains the relapse prevention exercise by reminding him of their previous session and asks the patient to revisit the suicidal crisis by telling his story developed in the narrative timeline. After an initial telling, the therapist then asks…Read More