New Phone and Fax Lines at CDP

New Phone and Fax Lines at CDP

The Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP) has recently updated all of the phone and fax lines at our headquarters in Bethesda, MD. Take note of the new main line number (301) 400-4300, as well as the new main fax line (301) 400-4280. You can also find the new contact information for individual CDP staff and faculty members in their email signature blocks, so reach out to us if you're looking for a specific individual's number!

The old numbers will continue to work for a few more weeks. After that, you can always use the phone tree on our main line to find who you're looking for. As always, if you have any questions, you can reach out using the "Contact Us" form here on the website!

New Phone and Fax Lines at CDP | Center for Deployment Psychology


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