(Online Course) The Impact of Deployment and Combat Stress on Families and Children, Part 1


Description: The goal of this interactive online training is to provide an introduction to some general information regarding the deployment cycle and how it impacts the Service member and family unit. It is intended to help civilian mental health providers better understand the myriad stressors associated with pre-deployment, deployment and reintegration, in addition to family risk and resiliency factors, so they are more equipped to engage in treatment with this important client group. Click here for Part 2.

Duration: 135 minutes
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Learning Objectives:

1. To discuss demographic and risk characteristics of military families.
2. To describe general and deployment-related stressors for military families and the stages of the deployment cycle.
3. To summarize the research on risk and resiliency factors for military families, the effects of PTSD on families, and the challenges for families coping with the injury or death of a Service member.

Military Cultural Competence is recommended as a prerequisite.  
Click here for Part 2 of this course.