Prolonged Exposure Session 5: Imaginal Exposure

This video demonstrates imaginal exposure when the client presentation is predominantly numb or anhedonic. To help the client increase engagement, the therapist increases verbal prompts and focuses the client’s attention on important details, emotions and cognitions that are present in the memory of the event.

Prolonged Exposure Session 3: Imaginal Rationale, Imaginal Exposure

This video demonstrates the rationale for imaginal exposure to the trauma memory. Following the rationale, the therapist provides specific instructions and set-up prior to implementing imaginal exposure. One iteration of the trauma narrative is shown followed by a break in the dialogue. The video resumes at the end of imaginal exposure and is followed by brief emotional processing.​

PE Session 2B: In vivo Rationale, In vivo Hierarchy

This video demonstrates the rationale for In vivo exposure, construction and refinement of the In Vivo hierarchy, development of the Subjective Units of Distress (SUDs) scale, and collaborative selection and assignment of initial In Vivo activities that the client will complete for homework. In Vivo exposure is generally introduced in session 2 or 2b of Prolonged Exposure therapy.​

Prolonged Exposure Session 2A: Common Reactions to Trauma - Melissa

This video demonstrates a brief discussion of the common reactions to trauma as presented in session 2, or 2a, of Prolonged Exposure Therapy. Despite the brevity of the discussion, the therapist is able to engage the client in a discussion about her own symptoms, and to facilitate additional disclosure rather than simply presenting the reactions as a didactic lecture.

Prolonged Exposure Session 1: Treatment Rationale, Index Trauma - Melissa

This video demonstrates the rationale for treatment presented in session 1 followed by identification of the index trauma during the trauma discussion. This client presents as depressed and numb as predominant emotional experiences. In this case the therapist must help the client sort out one event from among many which seem similar and equally distressing.​

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