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Welcome to the CDP's Podcasts page! Here you'll find a list of all of the podcasts we have available in both MP3 (sound) or MP4 (sound and video). They can be listened to via our website or you can also view a playlist of all of our podcasts here on YouTube.
The intro/outro music for the podcasts is "Adventure, Darling" by Gillicuddy. www.gillicuddy.com. Used through Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License.

Dissociation and PTSD
by Dr. Kelly Chrestman
(12:41 min)

How Sleep is Regulated
by Dr. Bill Brim
(12:09 min)

The Fear of Fear
by Dr. Kelly Chrestman
(8:05 min)


The Role of Re-Experiencing in PTSD
by Dr. Kelly Chrestman
(8:05 min)


Why Do We Sleep?
by Dr. Bill Brim
(7:01 min)


Parents of Deployed Service Members

by Dr. Paula Domenici
(4:36 min)


DSM-5 Changes to PTSD

by Dr. David Riggs
(7:20 min)


Dispelling Consultation Myths

by Dr. Lisa French and Rabia Mir
(7:47 min)


Families and Deployment
by Dr.Marjorie Weinstock
(7:40 min)


Facts on Sleepwalking
by Dr. Bill Brim
(7:27 min)


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