Why Know About Military Culture

The ability to understand and appreciate the military culture and to tailor clinical practices based on that understanding and appreciation is imperative for clinicians working with Service members. Just as any individual receiving care, Service members, Veterans, and their family members should feel understood and respected as well as have their problems readily identified and addressed in an effective, safe, and timely manner.

     Understanding the influence of military culture upon health-related behaviors will help the provider appropriately plan treatment to help the Service member or Veteran reach their personal, career, and military mission priorities.

This website supports and enhances the Core Competencies for Healthcare Professionals online course, which is available for free and includes detailed training and education about:

Module 1: Self Awareness and Introduction to Military Ethos

Module 2: Military Organization and Roles

Module 3: Military-Specific Stressors and Resources  

Module 4: Treatment Resources, Prevention, and Tools

Completion of the online course includes CE credits