Pathways to Military Behavioral Health Careers: Preparing to Become a Military Social Worker

The Center for Deployment Psychology’s Pathways to Military Behavioral Health Careers: The Winter Institute program is aimed at graduate clinical social work students and early-career social workers not yet licensed who are considering joining the U.S. military.

The course is designed for both graduate psychology students and early-career social workers. Course work is given together in some modules and in concurrent breakout sessions for each discipline in others. psychology students and early-career social workers.

The course Is: 
 ●  A three-day course, hosted online through Zoom
 ●  Offered at no cost
 ●  Intended for Clinical social work students who are in their 1st or 2nd year of an MSW program and social               workers not yet licensed
 ●  Strengthen trainees’ backgrounds in military behavioral health as they gain first-hand knowledge of military            culture and the work of military social workers who treat active duty service members

Program Goals:

This training is intended to raise awareness of what it would be like to serve as a military social worker, providing first-hand knowledge of military culture and the work of social workers serving in uniform. Participants cultivate valuable military insights that increase their competitiveness toward being selected for military service. The program provides participants with the opportunity to:
 ●  Gain knowledge about military social workers’ clinical activities, roles and responsibilities
 ●  Learn about presenting problems most common among military personnel and evidence-based strategies to        treat them
 ●  Develop skills for working with military clients consistent with evidence-based practice and conceptualizing          cases through a cognitive-behavioral framework
 ●  Discover how military life affects not only the service member, but also the family system

Curriculum Highlights:
 ●  Didactics on military values and military- and deployment-related topics
 ●  Interactive panels with military social work leaders and presentations from military social workers in                      different phases of their careers
 ●  Discussions about ethics, assessment, and clinical practice unique to military providers
 ●  Networking opportunities with peers from across the U.S. pursuing a military behavioral health career

The application period has closed. 

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