Socratic Questioning: The Art Of Guided Self-Discovery


Socratic questioning is the cornerstone for CPT, as well as other cognitive behavioral treatments. According to this method, true change within a patient’s problematic cognitions can only take place if it comes from them, through their own words, self-questioning and discovery. In this video, you will see two examples of a therapist questioning a patient. In the first, the therapist is questioning the patient with a clear agenda or direction in which she wants to take the conversation. You will notice that this type of questioning can miss potentially important areas of information that need to be explored. In the second example, the therapist is using the Socratic method to let the patient lead the topic. This type of questioning may take a bit longer, but its open nature allows the patient to share more information and come to conclusions on their own, leading to a deeper understanding and belief in their cognitive shifts.

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