In this video, the therapist demonstrates a portion of a sleep-focused assessment with Kim, identifying the patient’s sleep schedule and perpetuating factors that may be contributing to difficulty falling and staying asleep, using a “walk me through your 24-hour day” approach. Notice how the therapist assesses for details in a conversational style.​​

Motivational Enhancement

This video follows the previous video by demonstrating use of motivational interviewing skills to increase the patient’s readiness to implement stimulus control, including a decisional balance activity, motivational and confidence rulers, and helping the patient develop a change plan.​

Psychoeducation: Conditioned Arousal

The therapist in this video targets a “perpetuating factor” from the 3P Model-specifically, conditioned arousal, or the idea that the patient’s bed has become conditioned with wakefulness and worry, which is counterproductive restful sleep.  He uses the patient’s experiences to recommend an initial intervention to set the stage for stimulus control (“use the bedroom for sleep and sex only”) to counter conditioned arousal.​

Psychoeducation The 3P'S

This video demonstrates the introduction of the 3P Model of Insomnia etiology to the patient, using a handout.  The therapist guides the patient to consider personal examples of each aspect of the model, to prime for subsequent intervention in the next video based on this model.​

Reviewing The Sleep Log

This video shows the therapist turning the completed sleep log data from the CBTI Coach application into a collaborative review for specific problem areas that may guide treatment.  This review not only provides feedback for the patient but also acts as psychoeducation for the patient.  ​

Using The CBT-I Coach App

In this video, the therapist introduces the CBTI Coach application for a personal smartphone as an alternative form of sleep log and assists the patient in setting up a cue for data entry. The video incorporates screenshots and step by step instructions to help familiarize providers with this app.​


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