EBP Conference - Speakers

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Confirmed speakers for the 2024 EBP Conference include:

Dr. Arthur Nezu, Ph.D.
Dr. Arthur Nezu

Dr. Christine Nezu, Ph.D.
Dr. Christine Nezu

Arthur M Nezu, PhD, DHL, ABPP is Distinguished University Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences and Professor of Medicine at Drexel University and the co-developer of EC-PST. He has received numerous awards from various professional associations regarding a lifetime of contributions to clinical psychology and was named a “Pioneer of CBT” by the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies. He co-developed multiple clinical programs for the VA, DoD, and the U.S. Air Force, and is involved in research evaluating EC-PST to reduce suicide risk among older Veterans. Dr. Nezu is currently Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice and previous Editor of the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology and previous Associate Editor of the American Psychologist. Christine Maguth Nezu, PhD, ABPP is a Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences and Professor of Medicine at Drexel University and the co-developer of EC-PST. She is a past-president of the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) and has maintained a private practice for over three decades. She has received numerous awards for her clinical, supervision, and research activities and was named a “Pioneer of CBT” by the Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies. She has co-developed multiple clinical programs for the VA, DoD, and the U.S. Air Force.

Aaron Brinen, Psy.D.





Courtney J. Bolstad, Ph.D. Dr. Courtney Bolstad is a licensed psychologist and is currently completing a geropsychology postdoctoral fellowship at the South Texas Veterans Health Care System. She received her Ph.D. from Mississippi State University and completed her doctoral internship at the University of Alabama at Birmingham - Birmingham VA Medical Center Consortium (VA Track). Her dissertation examined mechanisms of the relation between dog and/or cat ownership and better sleep. Her clinical and research work focuses on geropsychology and behavioral sleep medicine, particularly the study and treatment of nightmares.



Mansi H. Mehta, Ph.D. Dr. Mansi Mehta an assistant professor in the department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Emory University School of Medicine and a clinical psychologist with the Emory Healthcare Veterans Program. She has extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of trauma and anxiety-related disorders; she is a Prolonged Exposure therapy consultant and a Unified Protocol trainer. Dr. Mehta is particularly interested in training and dissemination of evidence-based treatment for emotional disorders with a focus on exposure therapy.



Julie Chrysosferidis, Ph.D





Natalie Hellman, Ph.D.






Andrew Sherrill, Ph.D. Andrew M. Sherrill, Ph.D. is an assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and a practicing clinical psychologist at the Emory Healthcare Veterans Program. He is also the program manager of the Emory University Prolonged Exposure Consultant Training Program. Dr. Sherrill’s clinical expertise includes Prolonged Exposure for PTSD and exposure-based transdiagnostic approaches such as the Unified Protocol and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for a range of emotion disorders. His current research aims to understand the ethical development and integration of mHealth, AI, and extended reality technologies that may facilitate exposure therapy implementation.


Khristine Heflin, LCSW-C Khristine Heflin currently serves as a military behavioral health child social worker with the Department of Defense Child Collaboration Study at the Center for Deployment Psychology. Ms. Heflin assists in the development of evidence-based training for pediatric behavioral health providers who treat military connected children and adolescents. Ms. Heflin has extensive experience as both an adult and child therapist in various settings including forensic, emergency department, psychiatric inpatient, and community mental health. Ms. Heflin is a fierce advocate for family centered care and equitable mental health services.



Sara Schmidt, Ph.D.






Onna Brewer, Ph.D. Dr. Onna Brewer is a human services psychologist with specialties in clinical psychology and behavioral medicine. She completed her doctoral training at the University of Maryland Baltimore Country conducting research and community-based translational work related to processes of behavior change, brief interventions, and improving access to care for underserved communities. Her post-doctoral training and early career included trauma specialization and outpatient care with the Veterans Health Administration where she was also a Motivational Interviewing consultant and regional trainer for the VA’s National Evidence-Based Psychotherapy Initiative. She is a member of the international Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers, the National Register of Health Service Psychologists, the Florida Psychological Association and APA. She currently provides training and consultation for a diverse array of helping professionals and organizations around the world.


Marian Frick Rigsbee, LCSW, MAC is a clinical social worker from Indianapolis, Indiana. In addition to her private practice, Marian provides training and education in Motivational Interviewing, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, addictions, co-occurring disorders and related topics. She is a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers, the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science, and the National Association of Social Workers.




Michelle Drapkin, Ph.D., ABPP Dr. Michelle Drapkin has been working in the area of behavior change for over 20 years. She is a board-certified Clinical Psychologist and is the Owner/Director of the CBT Center where she sees patients in her private practice, consults with healthcare tech startups, and delivers trainings and workshops on communication/motivation and health and wellbeing at work and in life. She has previously held roles in industry as a Senior Behavioral Scientist. She also held a national position at the Department of Veterans Affairs and was on faculty at the University of Pennsylvania. She has dedicated her professional career to using psychological research to help people. She is the sole author of The Motivational Interviewing Path to Personal Change: The Essential Workbook for Creating the Life You Want from New Harbinger Publications.