By the Numbers: 10 August 2020

By the Numbers: 10 August 2020


The unemployment rate among military spouses, according to a recent report from the Deloitte Center for Government Insights -- Military spouse unemployment: Exploring solutions to a local problem of national importance. The report indicates that the underemployment rate is anywhere from 31% to 51% "despite hundreds of millions of dollars spent by the US Department of Defense (DoD) to address the issue and a complex network of nonprofit support."
Under- and unemployment often lead to financial insecurity or frustration among spouses because they are unable to pursue their own professional goals. Understandably, these issues can negatively impact the spouse’s overall satisfaction with the military lifestyle despite pride in supporting the military’s mission. Ultimately, the spousal experience can influence whether a service member stays in or leaves the military. This can be significant especially when the spouse and service member reach mid-career and both begin their maximum earning years as professionals. Meanwhile, with recruiting pools dwindling, retaining service members is considered increasingly important.
By the Numbers: 10 August 2020 | Center for Deployment Psychology


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