By the Numbers: 18 November 2019

By the Numbers: 18 November 2019


The percentage of 36,000 wounded veterans surveyed by the Wounded Warrior Project who have a "significant" level of PTSD, according to a recent article in Military Times -- Quality of life is improving for many injured veterans, but health issues are on the rise as they age, survey says.
Additionally, 77% had significant levels of depression, and 81% had anxiety. 
Nearly 88 percent of veterans who participated said they face significant sleep problems on a regular basis, up from about 75 percent two years ago. About 13 percent of the group said they think about harming themselves multiple times a week.
In addition, the survey indicates that wounded vets also have significant physical challenges and aren’t seeking care for their medical conditions.
The research showed that the number of veterans who are obese or morbidly obese has risen steadily in the last decade — putting them at increased risk for diabetes, sleep apnea, cardiovascular disease and other health conditions.

Direct link to 2019 Annual Warrior Survey.

By the Numbers: 18 November 2019 | Center for Deployment Psychology


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