By the Numbers: 21 October 2019

By the Numbers: 21 October 2019

7.8 per 1,000

The rate of violent injuries experienced by healthcare workers in 2017, "compared to rates under 2.0 per 1,000 for other private industry," according to a recent article in the journal Health Affairs -- Violence And The US Health Care Sector: Burden And Response.
Violence has significant impacts on the US health care sector, which include the need to care for injured victims and prevent violence to its physicians and employees, as well as the surrounding community. In 2017 violence resulted in about 2.3 million emergency department visits and 376,500 hospitalizations, with an estimated total medical cost of about $8.7 billion. Victims also often need short- and long-term physical and psychological rehabilitation.
By the Numbers: 21 October 2019 | Center for Deployment Psychology


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