By the Numbers: 3 August 2020

By the Numbers: 3 August 2020


The "total reported personnel strength of the Ready Reserve" as of September 30, 2019, according to a recently updated Congressional Research Service report -- Reserve Component Personnel Issues: Questions and Answers.
In addition, there are about 8,000 members of the Standby Reserve and about 783,000 members of the Retired Reserve, although these categories of reservists are much less likely to be mobilized than Ready Reservists.12 Additionally, a substantial percentage of the Retired Reserve would likely be unable to mobilize due to age and fitness.

The Standby Reserve comprises individuals "who have a temporary disability or hardship and those who hold key defense related positions in their civilian jobs." The Retired Reserve "includes (1) Reserve officers and enlisted personnel who are receiving retired pay as a result of their reserve and/or active service; and (2) Reserve officers and enlisted personnel who transfer into the Retired Reserve after qualifying for reserve retirement, but before becoming eligible to receive retired pay (which normally occurs at age 60)."

By the Numbers: 3 August 2020 | Center for Deployment Psychology


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