June 2019 PTSD Spotlight

U.S. Marine photo. No photographer cited. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc/2.0/June is PTSD Awareness Month. While this topic is important at the Center for Deployment Psychology year-round, we will be providing special emphasis on the subject of PTSD during June.
Throughout the month, CDP is hosting numerous events and posting several features and tools regarding the assessment and treatment of PTSD, including blogs, webinars, training events, and PTSD-specific infographics.
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CDP offers numerous events throughout the year to help train providers to assess for and treat PTSD. In June, we will be offering even more opportunies for providers to increase their knowledge and skills. As part of CDP's partnership with the National Center for PTSD, 6-8 June we will be in Helena, MT to offer a free training on Prolonged Exposure to help make evidence-based treatments for PTSD more available to Veterans in rural areas. In addition to our two-day online EBP on Prolonged Exposure (PE) Therapy training, we will have a free, weekly series of 90-minute webinars on a variety of topics associated with PTSD. Additionally, there will be a four-hour workshop designed to instruct providers on a method for screening, assessment, and treatment outcome monitoring of PTSD centered on the use of the PTSD Checklist for DSM-5 (PCL5). At the end of the month, we will also be offering a training on "Serving Student Veterans on Campus". While this training is not specifically on PTSD, it will be discussed and covered in the event's curriculum.
To register or for more details on any of these events, click on the links below!

5 June: CDP Presents: Beyond PTSD - Grief-informed Treatment After Trauma Online via Zoom - Watch the recording here

6 June: Assessment and Treatment of PTSD Using Prolonged Expsure Therapy, Helena MT

11 June: Assessing Military Clients for Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Online via Zoom

12 June: CDP Presents: Trauma-Informed Intimate Partner Violence Treatment in Military and Veteran Populations - Watch the recording here

19 June: CDP Presents: Helping Patients with PTSD-Related Nightmares Online via Zoom - Recording coming soon!

20-21 June: Online Prolonged Exposure (PE) Training Online via Second Life

25 June: Serving Student Veterans on Campus Online via Zoom

26 June: CDP Presents: Understanding and Managing Anger and Aggression in PTSD Online via Zoom - Recording coming soon!


Anger and Aggression Myths About Trauma-Focused Treatment PTSD and Nightmares VA-DoD Guidelines

Anger and Aggression Related to PTSD

Myths About Trauma-Focused Treatment

PTSD and Nightmares

VA-DoD Guidelines on PTSD


In addition to the numerous existing blog entries we've got on the subject, this month will include four new blogs on PTSD.


  • PE Session Notes:  PE Session Notes are quick, just-in-time reviews of the major segments of each session of PE. New PE therapists may find it helpful to review just before seeing a client the first few times they do a particular PE session.
  • CPT Session Notes:This series of brief videos reviews the key agenda items and interventions for each session in the CPT protocol. These videos are designed to complement the CPT manual
  • Metaphor Bank: Metaphors are frequently used in Prolonged Exposure Therapy to explain the concepts involved. The concepts of exposure and habituation can feel unnatural and counter-intuitive to many people. Metaphors can be a useful tool to help frame these and other concepts for patients. (Best accessed via Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers)
  • EBP Videos: Watch therapists demonstrate many of the techniques discussed in CDP's training events.
  • EBP Resources: This page contains links, videos, downloads and many other tools to help providers effectively deliver EBPs.
  • Consultation: CDP offers consultation services for providers who have completed an EBP workshop through the CDP. Learn more about this important service here.
  • Second Life PTSD Experience: Based in Second Life, CDP's Virtual PTSD Learning Center immerses the learner in experiential learning about PTSD diagnosis, assessment, and effective treatments. The climax of the experience is the role playing game Operation AVATAR where the learner takes on the role of a Service Member with PTSD, experiencing simulations of his index trauma, PTSD symptoms after redeployment, and his functioning after completing effective treatment.

Below is a curated list of recordings from various PTSD-related webinars that the CDP has offered in the past.