Staff Perspective: Our New Webinars and Online Courses Section

Staff Perspective: Our New Webinars and Online Courses Section

Here are the Center for Deployment Psychology, we’re continually looking for new and better ways to further our mission of offering high-quality training to behavioral health providers working with Service members, Veterans, and their families. One of the areas where we’ve found a lot of success has been our efforts in online event. To help further those efforts, we’ve recently revised and revamped our “Webinars and Online Courses” section. For ease of use, we’ve broken the page up into three distinct sections.

The first section focuses on our upcoming monthly “CDP Presents” events. These are 1.5 hour webinars are led by a subject matter experts, both CDP staff, as well as external individuals. These events are on a variety of relevant topics. These are great opportunities to offer smaller “bite-sized” training events to the public. These events are free and usually come with CE credits as well.

The second section is an archive of past CDP Presents webinars. Many interested individuals are unable to join the live presentation of our events. To ensure these presentations are available for everyone, they are recorded and posted to the site. These include all of the information of the course. However, the chat section is not included in the recording. Most of the recording do not come with on-demand CEs either. This section includes dozens of past events from the past three years of presentations.

The final section is for “Self-Paced eLearning Courses”. These are the traditional “click-through” courses that most people are familiar with. These provide an opportunity for people to receive instruction whenever it is convenient for them. This allows learners to work at their own pace and pick up right where they left off. Most of these courses are available to take for free. They are also available to take for CE credits for a nominal fee as well.

Online learning has been a rousing success for both us and our participants. We’re looking forward to expanding our offerings even further. We’re looking for both additional topics as well as new platforms which will enable us to reach even more providers and participants. As always, if there are specific topics or avenues that you would like us to explore, please feel free to contact us.