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Staff Perspective: How Do We Define Stigma and How Long Should We Let Stigma Define Mental Health?

Stigma is relative, socially and culturally determined, and dynamic. Consequently, stigma is a difficult concept to operationally define. This is important because definitions shape and directly impact efforts to research and reduce stigma. In 2014, the RAND National Defense Research Institute published an extensive assessment of stigma-reduction strategies within the DoD (Acosta et al., 2014).

Staff Perspective: But, Does It Work? Resources for Designing, Implementing, and Interpreting Program Evaluation for Behavioral Health Programs

Jennifer Phillips, Ph.D.

Are you a director charged with managing and optimizing a clinic, program, or department? Have you developed a program to address a specific need in the field of behavioral health and need evidence of its effectiveness to share with stakeholders? Are you a provider interested in tracking and improving the outcomes of your clinic or caseload? A yes to any or all of the questions suggests that you are in a position to benefit from standardized and methodologically sound program evaluation. That may sound like a daunting prospect, particularly since you are likely busy with the day-to-day tasks of running your clinic, program, practice, etc.  But with the correct information and resources, an effective and successful evaluation of any size program is achievable.

Staff Perspective: Program Evaluation - How Your Feedback Helps Assess and Shape CDP’s Training Programs

Jennifer Phillips, Ph.D.

Even though it is rare that I have the opportunity to directly interact with the majority of our CDP training participants, I would wager that I probably am not one of their favorite people. That’s because as the Program Evaluator at CDP, I’m the person behind all of the surveys and feedback forms that we ask each of our training participants to complete


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