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November 16, 2012: CDP News

As we wrap up another week, it’s time for a round-up of the latest happenings in and around the Center for Deployment Psychology in our latest CDP News entry. The biggest thing to announce is the release of two new additions to our online learning catalog. This week marked the launch of our courses on “Identification, Prevention, and Treatment of Suicidal Behavior for Service Members and Veterans” and“Depression in Service Members and Veterans”. As with all of our self-paced, online classes, these are available to take for free or for a fee with continuing education credits. Check out these new topics as well as our many existing ones in the Online Courses section of our website!

November 15, 2012: Research Update

The CDP's weekly research update contains the latest news, journal articles and useful links from around the web. Some of this week's topics include:
• Posttraumatic stress disorder in veterans and military personnel: Epidemiology, screening, and case recognition.
• Energy Drink Consumption and Its Association with Sleep Problems Among U.S. Service Members on a Combat Deployment —Afghanistan, 2010.

November 12, 2012: By the Numbers


That's the year the first veteran's court opened, in Buffalo, NY, according to the National Center for State Courts.

The veteran’s court model is based on drug treatment and/or mental health treatment courts. Substance abuse or mental health treatment is offered as an alternative to incarceration.  Typically, veteran mentors assist with the programs. An important issue that has to be addressed is the eligibility for veteran’s courts in terms of whether charges involving felonies or crimes of violence will be allowed. The inclusion of offenders charged with inter-family violence is also of grave concern to policy makers.

November 9, 2012: CDP News

We've reached the end of another week, but before we get to the long holiday weekend we've got the latest CDP News update. Today, Dr. Paula Domenici is delivering our UC4 presentation at the University of Hawaii - Manoa. Speaking of our UC4, we'll also be headed to the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, where Dr. Ted Bonar will speak.


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