CDP News: 22 March 2019

CDP News: 22 March 2019

Welcome to this week’s edition of CDP News! We like to use this space to review recent happenings in and around the Center for Deployment Psychology, while also looking ahead to upcoming events. It's spring and our training schedule is "spring"ing to life as well.

Next Thursday and Friday, we will be presenting an online training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression (CBT-D) via Zoom. There are still a few spots available for this course, but registration will be closing on Monday. So if you're interested in attending, make sure you sign up today! Registration for next month's Online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) via Zoom on 9-10 April is also available. Registration for each of these events $45 and comes with 13.5 CEs. Please note, the CE policy for these events have been updated.

Several events will be opening for sign-ups next week as well. These events include May's Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) and June's Assessing Military Clients for Trauma and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Prolonged Exposure Therapy Training (PE). We've already received quite a bit of interest in these events, so we anticipate that the available seats will go fast. If you'd like to participate in them, we suggest making sure you're following CDP on Facebook or Twitter, as we will be announcing the opening on registration on those channels.

Also coming up soon, we'll begin registration for the next iteration of the Couples Webinar Series. We're going to be trying a new format this time around. Instead of spacing them out weekly, on 14 May we will be presenting all four modules in our Couples Webinar Series, Military-Connected Couples: Elements of the Assessment Process, Military-Connected Couples: Evidence-Based Approaches to Treatment, Military-Connected Couples: An Intervention Model for Treating Infidelity, and Intimate Partner Violence: An Overview of Assessment and Response with Military-Connected Clients. Each of these courses will run two hours and come with two CEs. Participants can sign up for the modules individually or for a bundle of all four.

Lastly, on the training front, don't forget about our monthly CDP Presents webinar series. The next session will be "Families OverComing Under Stress (FOCUS) - A Family Resilience Model" on 24 April. This webinar will describe the Families OverComing Under Stress (FOCUS), a brief, evidence-based, family intervention designed to enhance resilience and mitigate psychological distress in active duty military and Veteran families, children, and couples. May's CDP Presents "Prevention and Treatment of Remote Combat Stress" is also available for sign-ups as well.

Over on the CDP blog, Dr. Jenny Phillips concludes her series on Traumatic Brain Injuries. This week’s topic is “Listening to the Stories of Service Members and Veterans with Traumatic Brain Injury.” The past few weeks have examined the impact on the immediate family members, while this week focuses on the experiences of the Service members and Veterans themselves, using their own words. It's a powerful way to wrap up this series. Also, don't forget to check out this week's Research Update. As always, it's packed with the latest news, journal articles and useful links from around the Web.

That’s it for this edition of CDP News! We’ll see you on Monday with another entry in our “By the Numbers” column. One final note, we've changed out the phone and fax lines at CDP headquarters. We've updated our main contact information on the website, but if you have the phone number for an individual CDP staff member, you'll need to update it!