December 14, 2012: CDP News

December 14, 2012: CDP News

As we approach the holiday season, we're as busy as ever here at the CDP! This was an eventful week as we wrapped up the latest iteration of our "Topics in Deployment Psychology" course. We'd like to thank all our participants and presenters for making this a such a successful event. While that completes our major training events for year, we're already hard at work setting up next year's programs. We hope to bring an even bigger and better slate of training opportunities for both civilian and military behavioral health providers.

We were also down in Asheville at the University of North Carolina for our UC4 program. The UC4 has been a very successful program, so much so that we're looking to expand the scope of it next year. Check out our UC4 Extended page for more information about our plans and where we're headed next year.

To finish recapping our travels last week, CDP staff members also visited Chicago to present to the Penn State Hershey College of Medicine and at Fort Belvoir, VA to hold a training session in Prolonged Exposure.

Highlights of the blog this week included an insightful review of the movie "Combat Diary: The Marines of Lima Company" from Dr. Regina Shillinglaw, who works in Ohio, the base for Lima Company and always the interesting CDP Research Update.

Finally, even though she's been in the office for a while now, we'd like to officially welcome the newest member of the CDP team, Tayebeh Monfared! She joins us as our new Web Content Coordinator.

That's it for this week. Have a great weekend everyone!