July 6, 2012: CDP News

July 6, 2012: CDP News

It's been a short week here at the CDP between the Fourth of July holiday and the weather-related difficulties, which slowed us down a little bit, but we're still keeping busy!

Last Friday, Dr. Diana Sermanian delivered the keynote address on "Military Culture, an overview of CBT - Insomnia and an overview of Imagery Rescripting Therapy" at the NASW - NYS Veterans Mental Health Initiative.

Coming up a week from Saturday, on July 14th, CDP's Deputy Director Dr. Bill Brim will present "The Etiology, Assessment & Treatment of PTSD"in Arlington, VA for the Penn State College of Medicine. Registration is available at http://www.pennstatehershey.org/web/ce/home/programs/socialworkers

If you missed it, last week Dr. Jenna Ermold took a great look at some of the new technologies available on smart phones to help assist both providers and patients. Check out the piece entitled, "Got Apps?" right here!

Be careful of the heat out there, but enjoy the weekend!