By the Numbers: 29 October 2018

By the Numbers: 29 October 2018

Roughly the number of GI Bill users who are attending Ivy League schools, according to a recent Military Times article -- Student vet enrollment spikes at Ivy League schools. During the last five fiscal years, the number of post-9/11 GI Bill users enrolled in Ivy League institutions has grown 34%, the article said.

Part of the reason for the enrollment growth at Ivies is the generous and relatively new Post-9/11 GI Bill itself, which covers up to $23,671.94 in tuition and fees per year at private schools and includes a sizable housing stipend. Schools can also choose to participate in the Yellow Ribbon program to defray additional costs not covered by the benefit, and according to VA records, all the Ivies do.


By the Numbers: 29 October 2018 | Center for Deployment Psychology


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