By the Numbers: 3 June 2019

By the Numbers: 3 June 2019


The percentage of Veterans treated for mental health disorders at the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) who are diagnosed with PTSD, according to a recent article in Psychiatric Quarterly -- Multimorbidity among Veterans Diagnosed with PTSD in the Veterans Health Administration Nationally.

Of 638,451 veterans diagnosed with PTSD in FY2012, only 29.8% had PTSD alone; 36.7% had one concurrent psychiatric diagnosis, 21.3% had two, and 12.2% had three or more. Anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder were the most common concurrent diagnoses. Veterans with higher levels of multimorbidity were younger, had greater likelihood of recent homelessness, substance use disorder, and diverse medical diagnoses, along with increased mental health and medical service use and greater psychotropic medication use.

By the Numbers: 3 June 2019 | Center for Deployment Psychology


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