By the Numbers: 3 May 2021

By the Numbers: 3 May 2021


The prevalence of opioid use disorder among homeless veterans as compared to non-homeless veterans, according to a recent article in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence -- The association of opioid use disorder and homelessness nationally in the veterans health administration.

Unadjusted odds of homelessness was 13 times higher among veterans with OUD Vs. no OUD.


Homeless veterans had substantially higher prevalence of OUD than other VHA patients (7.7 % Vs 0.6 %) and OUD was associated with 13 times higher unadjusted odds of homelessness (Odds Ratio [OR] 13.36, 95 % CI 13.09–13.62), which decreased with adjustment for sociodemographic factors (black race, mean income and age), other SUD, medical, and psychiatric diagnoses (final OR 1.57, 95 % CI 1.53–1.61). Other SUDs (alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, and hallucinogens) showed similar or slightly higher odds of homelessness as OUD in the final model.