By the Numbers: 6 August 2018

By the Numbers: 6 August 2018

45% and 52%
The percentages, respectively, of unmarried Navy men and unmarried Navy women who "reported that life as a sailor diminished the likelihood that they would tie the knot," according to a recent article in Navy Times -- You’ve lost that lovin' feeling: Marriage and family hampered by military life, survey results say

The article, which reports on the recently released Navy 2018 Personal and Professional Choices Survey that included roughly 13,000 respondents, "suggests that the allure of marriage and family has been significantly disparaged due to the unique demands military culture imposes."

(F)or personnel with no kids, 41 percent of men and 49 percent of women reported that years of being forged by the sea decreased their likelihood of forging a family by having or adopting children.

In the category of those who have already repopulated the planet, results show that 55 percent of women believe that having a child has adversely effected their careers, while 26 percent of men maintain that belief.

Of female officers who conceived during military service, about 76 percent of those pregnancies were planned, compared to 47 percent among enlisted. Once transferred after becoming pregnant, 51 percent of women felt valued by their new command. Only 34 percent, however, viewed their transfer as a step up in their career trajectory.