By the Numbers - 6 December 2021

By the Numbers - 6 December 2021

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The percentage of veterans believed by the American public to be suffering from PTSD, according to a recent survey by the Cohen Veterans Network, "a not-for-profit philanthropic organization that serves post-9/11 veterans, military families and active duty service members through a nationwide system of mental health clinics". In reality, according to the survey, "PTSD impacts 11-20% of Iraq and Afghanistan War veterans, approximately 12% of Gulf War veterans, and 15% of Vietnam veterans."

Other data points from the survey:

  • One in four (26%) Americans believe the majority of people with PTSD are violent/dangerous
  • Nearly one in four (23%) Americans believe PTSD is not treatable 
  • 40% of Americans believe that PTSD occurs immediately after a traumatic event
  • Three in four (78%) Americans believe flashbacks are the most common symptom of PTSD, while 69% believe if you experience PTSD you will experience nightmares and 60% believe the majority of people who experience PTSD will experience hypervigilance
  • More than half (59%) of people believe that if you experience trauma you will develop PTSD
  • 40% of Americans don’t know what PTSD stands for