By the Numbers: 7 January 2019

By the Numbers: 7 January 2019

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The percentage of combat-wounded Veterans who reported "past year prescription opioid misuse," according to a study reported in the journal Addictive Behaviors -- Opioid and sedative misuse among veterans wounded in combatAdditionally, 21.7% reported past year "sedative misuse." 

According to the researchers:

Misuse of both opioids and sedatives was associated with the most distress, including greater depression, anger, sleep disturbance, AUDIT scores, PTSD symptoms, suicidality, and pain interference. In multivariable multinomial logistic regression analyses, greater sleep disturbance (OR = 1.73) was associated with greater odds of sedative misuse versus no misuse. Higher AUDIT scores were associated with greater risk of sedative misuse (OR = 1.16) versus opioid misuse only.

By the Numbers: 7 January 2019 | Center for Deployment Psychology


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