By the Numbers - Dec. 12, 2016

By the Numbers - Dec. 12, 2016


The percentage of U.S. military Veterans who reported having pain in the previous three months, according to a study recently published online by The Journal of Pain -- Severe Pain in Veterans: The Impact of Age and Sex, and Comparisons to the General Population. The researchers note that 9.1% of those Veterans were " classified as having severe pain."

By way of comparison, according to the article, 56.4% of non-Veterans reported pain and 6.4% severe pain.

A few other findings from the study:

Veterans aged 18-39 were twice as likely to have severe pain than nonveterans. (7.8% and 3.2%)

Veterans age 70 or older were less likely to report severe pain (7.1%) than nonveterans (9.6%).

Veterans with back, jaw and migraine pain reported more severe pain than nonveterans.