By the Numbers - Feb. 6, 2017

By the Numbers - Feb. 6, 2017


The percentage of federal employees, overall, who are Veterans, according to the latest iteration of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management report -- Employment of Veterans in the Federal Executive Branch: Fiscal Year 2015.

In FY 2015, as the number of total Federal employees onboard increased from 1,990,000 in FY 2014 to 2,016,000, the total number of veterans onboard saw an increase from 612,000 to approximately 623,000. Veterans currently represent 30.9 percent of the workforce, as compared to 25.8 percent in FY 2009, where veterans represented approximately 512,000 out of 1,983,000 employees. 

Given these number, Military Times suggests that Veterans could be the largest group affected by President Trump's federal hiring freeze. 

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