By the Numbers - June 26, 2017

By the Numbers - June 26, 2017


The percentage of U.S. male Veterans with sleep apnea in 2014, according to a new article in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention journal, preventing Chronic Disease -- Prevalence and Correlates of Sleep Apnea Among US Male Veterans, 2005–2014. This is significant increase from a prevalence of 3.7% in 2005.

The researchers found "significant associations" between the prevalence of sleep apnea and several demographic characteristics:

Aged 50-64 years
Some college education
Health insurance coverage

Sleep apnea prevalence was also higher among those "reporting past-year serious psychological distress" (11.4%), those "reporting an unmet mental health care need" in the past year (11.3%), and those "reporting asthma in the past year" (17.2%).

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