By the Numbers - May 1, 2017

By the Numbers - May 1, 2017


The percentage of Veterans who are men, according to a recent report from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs -- Profile of Veterans: 2015 Data from the American Community Survey.  

This profile shows the demographics and socioeconomic characteristics of Veterans by gender, race and ethnicity. It compares men to women Veterans; men and women Veterans to men and women non-Veterans; and minority Veterans to minority non-Veterans. 

The report shows that Veterans are, in the aggregate, considerably older than non-Veterans. "Veteran median age is around 64 compared

with 44 for non-Veterans." 

Because of these stark contrasts in gender and age between Veterans and non-Veterans, the National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics, which produced the report, cautions:

In general, men earn more, are more likely to be employed, less likely to be single parents, and less likely to live in poverty than women. Any economic differences between the total Veteran population and the total non-Veteran population will be exaggerated by the differences in the sex ratios of the two groups.


Any characteristics correlated with age (e.g., employment, disability, income) will be significantly affected by the differences in the age distributions of the two groups.

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