October 22, 2012: By the Numbers

October 22, 2012: By the Numbers


That's the percentage of noncombat firearm-related deaths between 2002 and 2011 identified as suicides, among servicemembers ages 30 and older, according to data in the September issue of the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center's Medical Surveillance Monthly Report.

The report notes that "the proportions of noncombat firearm-related deaths that were due to homicides and suicides markedly differered with age." According to the data, 24% of all noncombat-related firearm deaths among teenaged service members were homicides, compared to 14% for the 30+ age group.

Overall, during the time period, "most fatal events (78%) were suicides, and most nonfatal events (73%) were accidents."

October 22, 2012: By the Numbers | Center for Deployment Psychology


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