Staff Perspective: June is PTSD Awareness Month

Staff Perspective: June is PTSD Awareness Month

In 2010, Congress designated the 27th of June as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Day. This has now expanded to the month of June as a whole. Even though more of the public has become aware of PTSD in recent years, there is still much work to be done. Many people still have only a vague understanding of what PTSD is, its causes, symptoms and potential treatments.

In short, PTSD is the most common psychiatric consequence of trauma exposure. Trauma may include an event in which a person is exposed to actual or threatened death, serious injury, or sexual violation, or an event in which the person witnesses such an event. PTSD is an array of psychological and physiological reactions that are expected, normal responses to life threat, but that persist beyond a normal period of recovery.

The Center for Deployment Psychology’s website has a variety of ways for behavioral health providers to learn more about PTSD. We have self-paced online courses, available for free or for CE credits for a fee. We offer training on evidence-based treatment for PTSD, both in-person, as well as online. You can visit the PTSD section of our website for many other options, including apps, podcasts, videos and more.

In addition to the information and resources on the CDP’s website several other organizations are working to help spread PTSD awareness to both providers and the general public.

The National Center for PTSD and the VA have created a website that offers a variety of materials to learn more about PTSD. There are videos, online courses, self-help tools, tips and materials to share with others.

The American Psychological Association also provides information for helping Veterans, Service members, and their families learn more about PTSD.

The Defense Centers of Excellence (DCoE) has a page dedicated to providing information about PTSD, dispelling myths, resources, and treatment options.

Working to educate the public about PTSD is a year-round effort, but there are more resources than ever to help spread the word!

Chris A. Adams is the Online Services Project Manager for the Center for Deployment Psychology. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Arizona State University.