Staff Perspective: The Provider Community on

Staff Perspective: The Provider Community on

I’ve recently received several questions about the provider community area on the CDP’s website. So I thought it would be a good opportunity to explore that topic a bit. The Center for Deployment Psychology tries to provide as much support as possible to providers after they complete our training and a large part of that support is offered through the provider community. The provider community is a password-protected area that contains additional resources designed to assist providers in the use, implementation and fidelity of evidence-based therapies. All attendees to any of CDP’s evidence-based psychotherapy training events are emailed log-in credentials to access the provider community and the resources contained in it.

These resources come in numerous types. To begin with, we’ve got copies of many of the handouts we provide at our training events. During the training, we encourage participants to take notes and mark up the handouts we provide, so we want to ensure that they have access to clean copies for use when they return home. There are also many documents that we don’t include in the training process. These documents may be items that we think are relevant, but that we don’t have time to cover at during our live training. There are dozens of manuals, forms, handouts and other useful documents available for downloading in this area.

Even more importantly, we offer access to our weekly, live consultation calls which are hosted by CDP staff. These calls alternate between Prolonged Exposure Therapy and Cognitive Processing Therapy. We also offer a bi-weekly call on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia. These calls are designed for clinicians to discuss their active cases and receive input and advice from subject matter experts at the CDP. Continuing consultation is a vital part of the CDP’s evidence-based psychotherapy training. We encourage all providers who have attended one of our EBP workshops to take advantage of this important resource.

For those who can’t make it to the consultation calls, but still have questions they’d like to ask of our SMEs, we have additional options. The first is our “Ask the Experts” form. Providers can submit a question via the online form. It will then be directed to an appropriate SME here at CDP who will respond to your inquiry, usually within two business days. These questions are private and won’t be seen by anyone outside of CDP, but remember to remove any potentially identifying information about patients from your question before submitting it.

As another alternative, if you’re interested in a more open request, you can use the message board area of the provider community. There users are able to post questions, comments and thoughts on a variety of EBP-related topics and receive input from fellow providers as well as CDP staff members.

These are a few of the highlights of resources contained within the provider community. There are even more to be found there. So if you’ve attended an EBP training through CDP, sign in and check it out today. If you haven’t, hopefully this preview will help showcase some of the many reasons why you should!