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Staff Perspective: Treating Our Adolescents in Uniform

Dr. Andrea Isreal

BLUF: If you work with our United States Service members, you may be treating more adolescents than you realize. Did you know that contemporary theories of human development consider adolescence to extend to about age 25? If we think of adolescence as extending to about age 25, adolescents comprise a large proportion of U.S. Active Duty and Selected Reserve service members.

Staff Perspective: Purple Up! in Support of Military Children

Dr. Lisa French

April was established as the Month of the Military Child in 1986 by the former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger to recognize the unique experiences of military children. In 2011 “Purple Up! For Military Kids” was initiated by the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension Military Youth and Family Program as a visible way to show support and thank military children for their strength and sacrifices by wearing purple. The color purple was chosen to represent the joint environment of the military by combining each service branch's colors.

Staff Perspective: Military PCS Moves - Their Impact on Military Partners

Dr. Marjorie Weinstock

I recently ran across a newly published article by Drs. Sissi Ribiero, Keith Renshaw, and Elizbeth Allen titled “Military-related relocation stress and psychological distress in military partners.” I was intrigued by the title, since during my time as a military spouse I found the frequent moves to be one of the most challenging aspects of military life.

Staff Perspective: New Military Kids & Families Training Series!

The Center for Deployment Psychology and Kennedy Krieger Institute are working collaboratively on a study focused on enhancing evidenced-based treatment outcomes for military children with developmental and behavioral health needs. This project explores telehealth and tele-education feasibility and best practices to increase access to specialty care and to identify programs and service delivery models to enhance the care and well-being of military-connected children. This project include a series of self-paced online courses which include free CEs.

Staff Perspective: Defining Military Families in Research - It’s Not Just Semantics

Dr. Jenny Phillips

Military families continue to increase in diversity, a fact that is not always well-studied or represented in research studies and the resources and policies that they influence. This blog shares information from a recent review of research studies that examined how military families are defined and represented in mental health and substance abuse research.