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Staff Perspective: Not Home for the Holidays

As a military Veteran and a military spouse, deployments were an accepted and many times anticipated part of my life. I met and married my Marine husband in Jacksonville, North Carolina. He was assigned to a Marine Special Ops Command and deployed regularly. For years two through six of our marriage, my husband was gone 10 months out of every year. Throughout the years, he has missed every holiday at least once. For some, I don’t think he has ever been home.  As I recently reflected on these missed holidays and the challenges that went along with them, I came up with a list of my 10 Holiday Survival Tips for a military family.

    Staff Perspective: The Evolution of Programs Supporting Military Family Resilience

    Aptil Thompson, LCSW

    Military families must be prepared for frequent moves, separations from Service members during deployments, and other challenges which arise when living far away from friends and family. Regardless of branch of service, physical location or circumstance, there is usually a person or resource which exists to assist with most situations which arise. While it may feel like these programs have been around forever, the reality is that these programs have been evolving over time. Today there is recognition among military leaders that family support is critical to military readiness and retention.

    Staff Perspective: Military Family Resilience and COVID-19

    Resilience in military families is the norm. As the effects of the pandemic continue to be felt, and in many cases amplified, the need for all of us to adjust to changes, sometimes on a daily basis, is greater than ever before. Civilian families can benefit from the lessons learned from military families across the generations. Creating new traditions, staying connected with love ones through long separations, and major shifts in social networks are all skills military families learn early in military service.

    Staff Perspective: The Military Spouse Transition Program (MySTeP)

    Lisa French, Psy.D.

    During the month of May, CDP is focusing on reintegration. I initially planned to share about my transition from active duty service to Veteran status and the resources available to Service members. However, as I was doing some initial research I came across a program that supports military spouses throughout their military journey. Given that there are not a lot of resources focused on spouse transition, and being a military spouse myself, I was eager to find out more. The program is called the Military Spouse Transition Program or MySTeP for short