By the Numbers: 29 March 2021

By the Numbers: 29 March 2021


The number of times, on average, that a military child dependent transfers schools prior to high school graduation, according to a recent report from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) -- K-12 Education: U.S. Military Families Generally Have the Same Schooling Options as Other Families and Consider Multiple Factors When Selecting Schools.

Traditional public schools were the most commonly available schooling option for military families in 2019-20. Over 90% of military installations also had at least one other public school option—like a charter or magnet school—nearby. Fewer options were available for rural installations.

Military families in our review considered housing options and school features like academics or extracurriculars when choosing schools and weighed these factors based on their needs. For example, some parents accepted a longer commute to live in a preferred school district. Many families relied on personal networks and social media to inform these decisions.

The report notes that there are roughly "650,000 military dependent children in the U.S."