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Research Update: 9 Jan. 2014

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The CDP's weekly research update contains the latest news, journal articles and useful links from around the web. Some of this week's topics include:

  • Understanding the Cost and Quality of Military-Related Education Benefit Programs (RAND)
  • Religious Affairs in Joint Operations (Joint Chiefs of Staff)
  • Learning from traumatic experiences with brief eclectic psychotherapy for PTSD.

Staff Voices: Dr. Augosto Ruiz interviews Dr. Marvin Podd, part 2

Dr. Augusto Ruiz

CDP's Dr. Augusto Ruiz talks with Dr. Marvin Podd, Navy Internship Training Director at Walter Reed National Medical Center. In this clip, they talk about the challenges for providers when treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury. Keep watching the CDP's blog for more from this interview! 

Staff Voices: Diagnostic Changes DSM V – PTSD & ASD

After nearly 25 years, the DSM-V has finally been released! The diagnoses of PTSD and ASD have been significantly revised based upon recent research. Most notably, PTSD and ASD have been moved from anxiety disorders to new category “Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders.” In addition, in DSM-IV and DSM IV-TR, PTSD and ASD were distinct. ASD was not a diluted version of PTSD, but an early response characterized primarily by an emphasis on dissociative qualities.