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Staff Perspective: Live Training in a Virtual Environment – New Frontiers in Continuing Education

Providing or attending a live training in a virtual environment is a new experience for most people.  This article is a brief description of what it was like to be the trainer for a recent Suicide Prevention Training in Second Life, a virtual environment.  

Staff Perspective: Completed a CDP Training Course? Add it to your LinkedIn Profile

If you’ve participated in any of the Center for Deployment Psychology’s training courses and expanded your range of professional expertise, you may want to think about adding this accomplishment to your profile on LinkedIn. It’s really quite easy to do.

Staff Perspective: Recognition of Moral Injury

Regardless of the topic on which I am presenting, if I have a bit of time at the end, I always speak briefly about the concept of moral injury.  It’s heartening to see that clinicians are becoming familiar with this important issue and that it resonates deeply on a professional and personal level.  For those to whom this is a “new” idea, it’s amazing to see that “ah-ha” moment as they consider past and current patients, family members and, yes, even themselves in light of this concept. 

Staff Perspective: Article Review - Combined PTSD and Depressive Symptoms Interact with Post Deployment Social Support to Predict Suicidal Ideation in OEF and OIF Veterans

In recent years, with the rising rate of suicide among Service members (SM) and Veterans, much attention has been given to factors that contribute to suicide in this population.  The authors note that many returning SM experience psychological problems that are known to be associated with higher suicide risk.

Staff Perspective: Summer Vacation: The Benefits of “Exposure”

For most of us, summer conjures up the idea of vacation. Rather than thinking of vacation as only a time for leaving behind something stressful or routine, I have come to see it as an opportunity for proactively adding to my treasure chest through real life exposures. Yes, the kind we refer to in Prolonged Exposure (PE) Therapy.


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