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Staff Perspective: Socratic Dialogue, Part 2 - Professing Ignorance

Laura Copland

Socrates believed that there are two phases to enable others in search of an understanding of their own truth.  The Socratic Method is used in almost all behavioral health treatment and at its most simplistic is termed the use of open-ended questions.  However, Socratic Dialogue is so much more than that – an art form that allows patients to begin the process of opening up to what is the actual truth. 

Staff Perspective: New Research Comparing Cognitive Processing Therapy with Cognitive Processing Therapy-Cognitive Only

Does anyone else have their fingers crossed that researchers will start finding evidence of which PTSD treatments work best with which specific patients?  Happily, it seems like researchers are starting to ask those questions as well, and the recent article comparing Cognitive Processing Therapy standard protocol to Cognitive Processing Therapy - Cognitive Only may have inadvertently started to answer this question.  

Staff Perspective: An Introduction to CDP’s Summer Institute (CDPSI): Preparing for a Military-Focused Career

Today Dr. Holly O'Reilly introduces the new CDP Summer Institute (CDPSI). The CDPSI is an innovative, 6-day program for doctoral students in clinical and counseling psychology. This pilot training affords the opportunity to become acquainted with the possibilities of becoming a military psychologist.