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Staff Perspective: Psychotherapy Outcomes - Improving Perspectives on Psychotropic Medication Use

In previous blog entries, I have focused on presenting anecdotal clinical perspectives gained in my psychotherapeutic interactions with Service members (active duty and Veterans) who have deployed (OEF, OIF, etc.).  I continue that precedent by sharing recent insights into helping deployed Service members improve their perspectives on psychotropic medication use; consequently, improving compliance with psychotropic medication regimens as established by their prescriber(s). 

Staff Perspective: Article Review

What defines competency for trauma-related mental health services?  Cook and Newman (2014) wrote an article summarizing major findings from the New Haven Trauma Competency Consensus Conference in effort to provide a comprehensive model of “trauma-focused, empirically informed competencies” (p 300).  The conference participants were nominated by peers for their expertise with trauma and varied in their professional backgrounds (e.g., psychologists, psychiatrists, and social workers), roles (e.g., independent practice, medical settings, academic affiliation) and professional organizations.  The main purpose of the conference was to have subject matter experts identify empirically informed knowledge, skills, and attitudes deemed critical to developing competency in working with traumatized adults and children. 

Staff Perspective: What Makes a Good Metaphor in Prolonged Exposure Therapy?

Across multiple PE training workshops at which I’ve presented, we’ve discussed the importance of helping our patients understand various aspects of treatment such as rationale, procedures, the nature of the therapeutic relationship, using metaphors. A colleague and I recently discussed the use of metaphor in PE, and shared many of the metaphors we use in treatment.  We realized that many new PE therapists might benefit from considering a wide range of metaphors that could be used in PE treatment, so we present to you several PE metaphors for your consideration.

Staff Perspectives: Spotlight on CDP Podcasts

At the Center for Deployment Psychology, we’re always looking for new ways to fulfill our mission to provide training and education to behavioral health provider to ensure they’re able to offer the highest-quality care to Service members and Veterans. On our website, we use several avenues to try and facilitate this effort and today we’re going to take a look at one of those methods, specifically, podcasts.