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Staff Voices: Program Evaluation: Why is it relevant?

ACCOUNTABILITY! ACCOUNTABILITY! That is the mantra of our current era of fiscal challenges. It is noteworthy then to ask how will viable programs continue to thrive with diminished resources?  An effective strategic tool to guide this decision process is program evaluation.  The United States Government Accountability Office (GAO, Designing Evaluations, 2012) defines program evaluation as “A systematic study using research methods to collect and analyze data to assess how well a program is working and why.” 

Staff Voices: CDP in the Media

Want to hear some good news? On Feb. 6, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU) hosted an educational panel, the first of its kind, focusing on the mental health of deployed, gay and lesbian service members. Our own, Ken Furman, Ph.D. organized the panel as part of the Center for Deployment Psychology’s (CDP) eight-day course called "Topics in Deployment Psychology", a course designed to train military and civilian mental health providers to provide evidence based mental health care to military service members and their families.

Staff Voices: A Look at Pharmacotherapy and Suicide

For providers steeped in the use of evidence-based psychotherapies, it is important to keep in mind the relief from suicidal ideation that can be achieved through the use of combination therapy (psychotherapy plus pharmacotherapy).  For patients experiencing suicidal ideation with intent, it is especially critical to alert patients to the option of psychiatric medications, and to support their decision to pursue pharmacotherapy in conjunction with psychotherapy.

Staff Voices: Q&A on Navy Medicine’s Psychological Health Pathways pilot program

I recently learned about updates to the Naval Center for Combat & Operational Stress Control’s Psychological Health Pathways (PHP) Initiative in a conversation with the center’s director, CAPT Scott L. Johnston.  Here is an interview with CAPT Johnston to tell us more about the role of PHP and how it will help our Sailors and Marines access and receive mental health care.

Staff Voices: Examining and Dealing with Chronic Pain in Service Members

Chronic pain is the most common reason for medical evacuation from Iraq and Afghanistan deployments, and spinal pain is the most frequent reason for medical boards across military services. Service members face unique challenges in coping with chronic pain, including role loss, the psychological impact of combat and negotiating the limited duty/profile/medical board process.