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Staff Voices: Inpatient Psychotherapy - Remembering the Basics

After working in military adult outpatient settings for about four years, I was asked to cover the psychologist position on an inpatient psychiatric ward. This has been a rather dramatic change for me. In the outpatient clinics I had focused on providing psychotherapy mostly within the framework of cognitive behavioral techniques and evidence-based protocols. In my transition to this new inpatient role, I wondered how my outpatient therapy skills would translate to this very different and fast paced environment.

Staff Voices: A Look at an Important Book for Therapists

One of the greatest stigmas that I have witnessed in the military as well as in community mental health settings is the stigma surrounding death by suicide. Unlike other untoward events that therapists go through, this is one event that can be lonely, litigious, and career changing. “Therapist and Legal Issues for Therapists Who Have Survived a Client Suicide: Breaking the Silence” edited by Kayla Miriyam Weiner is a collection of 8 different articles on issues related to surviving the death of a patient.

Staff Voices: Life on the Other Side of Military Service

The day after I separated from active duty service, I walked into a recruiter’s office. It was a completely unplanned visit that I later swore to my husband resulted from curiosity to see if there were any Reserve positions for my career field. Actually, it resulted from my initial difficulty accepting I was now “just” a civilian. Whether coming off of active-duty orders after deployment for Reservists and Guard members, retiring after hitting the 20-year mark, or simply separating after serving out a commitment, all military members will eventually transition out of their service. This transition inevitably means a shift in identity from being a part of a clearly defined community to having to develop a more individual self-definition.