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By the Numbers - Sept. 23, 2013


"The crude rate of suicide per 100,000 person years," among 150,000 active duty personnel and Veterans who, respectively, did not deploy to OEF/OIF, who deployed without combat, and who experienced combat, according to a recent article in the Journal of the American Medical Association --  Risk factors associated with suicide in current and former US military personnel.

Staff Voices: Review of The Bridge

I have heard about and read about the movie The Bridge for years, but until recently I had not watched it entirely myself.  Since I teach frequently about suicide and have actually made reference to the movie, I thought I should see it and review it for a blog entry.  I believe it certainly has relevance to military mental health given the rise in military suicides and relevance to mental health in general since suicide is one of the most frightening client outcomes that we encounter or worry about as mental health professionals.