Deployment Psychology Blog

May 18, 2012: CDP News

It's Friday again here at the CDP and time for our weekly announcements. We're finalizing the details and presenters for our June 11-20 iteration of the "Topics in Deployment Psychology." No matter how many times we do it, lining up, scheduling and coordinating eight days of training is always a challenge. It's well worth it however as speakers and participants will be traveling from across the country to take part in this event.

May 17, 2012: Research Update

The CDP's weekly research update contains the latest news, journal articles and useful links from around the web. Some of this week's topics include:

• RTO‐TR‐HFM‐164 ‐ Psychological Aspects of Deployment and Health Behaviours(new NATO report).
• Canine-assisted therapy in military medicine.(April-June 2012 issue of the U.S. Army Medical Department Journal).

Staff Voices: Five Strategies to Fortify Your In Vivo Work

So you have constructed an in vivo hierarchy in collaboration with your client.  You have  identified a variety of exercises across a wide range of SUDs ratings that appear to target the client’s core fears. You have proactively discussed the use of safety behaviors and asked your client to refrain from using them during the in vivo exercises. You’ve specifically instructed them not to use the breathing retraining exercise they’ve been learning when they do in vivo homework.