August 31, 2012: CDP News

August 31, 2012: CDP News

Before we head into the holiday weekend, it's time for the latest roundup of news from around the CDP. Next Thursday our University Counseling Center Core Competency (UC4) program will be headed to Miami, for a day-long presentation at Florida International University.

We're getting closer to finalizing our schedule of our week-long trainings, entitled "Addressing the Psychological Health of Warriors and Their Families," for the remainder of the year. We currently have one scheduled for Oct. 22-26 in Salt Lake City, but we also have other locations in the works.

Keep an eye on our home page here or our Facebook ( and Twitter ( pages to get the most up-to-date information on our training schedule.

If you missed it, take a minute to check out our own Dr. Ken Furman's psychologist's-eye-view of the latest Zac Efron movie "The Lucky One".

That's it for now. Have a great long weekend everyone!